The all wines from the Korcula island that you must testing.

The all wines from the Korcula island that you must testing

The island of Korcula is very popularity for rich selection of the white and red wines. The wines of Korcula Island justifiably belongs to the best wines of southern Dalmatia. Discover and learn about them.

Wine Pošip Sur Lie Krajančić

Top quality white wine that comes from the older vineyards of the family of Luka Krajancic ,which in recent years has won prestigious world awards and recognitions such as the gold medal at the international wine challenge in London. Full of spicy aromas with fruity notes, this posip stands out with the complexity and fullness. It goes fantastically well with all seafood specialties from shellfish to the best fish in our Adriatic Sea.

Vino Pošip Sur Lie Krajančić


Wino Grk Bire

This superb white wine comes to us from the vineyards of the eastern part of the island of Korčula. This wine is dominated by ripe fruit aromas with an elegant combination of freshness and bitterness. It is recommended with all fish, shellfish and vegetarian dishes. A wine that justifiably belongs in the group of the best wines of southern Dalmatia.

Vino Grk Bire


Wino Pagadebit Kunjas

Top quality red wine of the Plavac mali variety comes to us from the Kunjasic-Kunjas family winery and their vineyards in Smokvica. With the presence of firm tannins, hidden fruit aromas and a desirable dose of bitterness, we recommend this wine with spicy cheeses and grilled meats, and it also goes well with dalmatian traditional “Peka”.

Vino Pagadebit Kunjas



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